Miss Maha and… the Kitchen!

╚══ COOKING! ♥

One of my favorite pastimes is letting my creativity shine in the kitchen! I haven’t always been so passionate about cooking… As a young 20-something, I’ll never forget when my dad came to visit my first apartment. He opened the fridge only to find gatorade, orange juice and water. Laughing out loud, he asked if I was on a liquid diet. Ha! I’ve definitely come a long way since then.

Growing up, I always shied away from cooking. Middle Eastern cooking is definitely a labor of love. “30-minute meals” are very hard to come by… although, there are some great mezze dishes and shortcuts available to help speed things up. That said, you must let the dishes set, simmer, and slow cook to ensure all the ingredients fall into place and you compose the perfect symphony of flavors.

Sadly, my day job doesn’t allow me to cook as much as I’d like, but every moment I get I’m in the kitchen. I love experimenting with new dishes, adding Persian Fusion to everything I do, and, of course, teaching my tried and true favorites. Nush-e-jan!

♥ “Let the beauty of what you ⓛⓞⓥⓔ be what you do” ~ Rumi ♥

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